LFi Lending

LFi Lending: Discover how LFi Lending allows you to borrow assets and earn from decentralized applications (DApps) in the LFi ecosystem.

LFi Lending

Lending is the process of depositing (i.e. supplying) tokens in a lending network. In exchange for providing liquidity to the lending protocol, users receive interest on the tokens they have deposited. The interest that lenders receive comes from other users who are paying interest to borrow tokens.

Lenders are able to withdraw their tokens at any time (as long as they aren't being used to borrow tokens, and not all of the tokens are being borrowed).

There is no time lock or withdrawal penalty.

LFi Lending will be released in 2024.

What is the Difference between Borrowing?

Borrowing is the act of taking a loan from a lending protocol. Contrary to lending, which has users supplying tokens to a pool of assets, borrowing is the act of taking tokens out of the pool of assets. LFi lending requires users to lend tokens before borrowing.

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