LFi Token Use Cases

LFi Token: Governance, Rewards, and More! From buybacks to bonuses, LFi offers a world of utility. Join us today.

LFi Token Use Cases


LFi allocates a fraction of its net profit each quarter for token buyback. These tokens are stored in a treasury for community governance. Further details will be updated in the whitepaper.

Bonus & Candies

LFi token holders can:

  • Avail coupons from LFi and associated partners.

  • Participate in exclusive LFi campaigns.

  • Collect special items from LFi and its partners.

Ranking System

LFi has a tiered system based on vLFi holdings that offers user benefits within the Launchpad and discounts on product fees.

  • Rank 0: 100%-70% holder - Benefits: TBA

  • Rank 1: 70%-40% top holder - Benefits: TBA

  • Rank 2: 40%-10% top holder - Benefits: TBA

  • Rank 3: 10%-0% top holder - Benefits: TBA

Voting Power

  • LFi operates as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) using smart contracts.

  • Voting power correlates with the number of vLFi tokens held.

  • Proposals require at least 2,500 vLFi tokens.

  • A majority "Yes" vote of 51% or higher is necessary.

  • Voting lasts a minimum of 5 days.

Fees & Discounts

LFi can be used for various fees and to avail discounts:

  • Hardware product discounts (wallets & accessories).

  • Discounts on app-based swap and trading services.

  • Fees for LFi repository submissions and ad banner placements.

  • Fees for DApps rankings in stores and other upcoming services.

Base Value LFi for Products and Services

  • LFi, the native token of the LFi Ecosystem, is essential for accessing and buying various products and services.

  • LFi tokens can cover up to 100% of the value of any service or product on the platform.

  • LFi always holds a Base Value of $0.5 for buy some products and service, ensuring user confidence in the ecosystem despite market fluctuations.

  • Users can be certain of their LFi tokens' consistent value within the ecosystem, fostering confidence in its usability.

Further details on products and services will be released soon.

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