cLFi Token Use Cases

cLFi Token: The cornerstone of LFi's minting and launchpad ecosystem. Secure, efficient, and essential. Explore now!

cLFi Token Use Cases

Minting Utility Token

  • Within the CloudX Minting mechanism, the cLFi token is essential as a Minting token.

  • Users wanting to mint new cLFi tokens can use their current holdings as minting token, which they lock into specific CloudX Minting NFT licenses.

  • The subsequent minting of new cLFi tokens adheres to the protocols of the CloudX Minting system and the NFT license's specifics. This establishes a controlled and consistent minting process, with cLFi tokens underpinning it.

Launchpad in LFi Studio

  • cLFi serves as a pivotal launchpad token, crucial for project endorsements and engagements.

  • Users keen on participating in activities like staking, farming, or even direct token sales must lock in a designated quantity of cLFi tokens as Minting Utility token.

  • For direct sale launchpads, an auction allocation system is in place with cLFi. The more tokens a user commits, the better their odds of obtaining an allocation.

  • Regarding staking and farming rewards, there's a specific proportion to consider. To illustrate, if a user intends to stake a particular token termed "Token A," they should lock in at least 25% of that token's value in cLFi. So, to stake 100 of Token A, locking 25 cLFi tokens becomes mandatory, creating a stable and safe participation structure.

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