How Does CloudX Minting Production Work?

What is CloudX Minting, and how can I participate as a user?

To participate, you need to acquire specific virtual machines (VM) or hardware and deposit cLFi as Minting token. This process enables you to engage in CloudX Minting and create value within the LFi ecosystem.

How does NFT Metadata change in CloudX Minting?

In CloudX Minting, NFT Metadata, including attributes like lifetime and boost value, evolves every two weeks for new NFTs. These changes impact the value and uniqueness of the tokens, guiding users in their decisions within the CloudX Minting system.

How are CloudX Minting rewards determined for users?

CloudX Minting rewards for users are determined through a calculation involving factors such as the properties of their NFT (lifetime and boost value), chosen Minting token lock duration (12-month or 24-month), and the relationship between Price at Market (PTM) and Growth Level Price (GLP). These elements collectively influence the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward, which serves as the basis for calculating users' rewards.

How does the choice of Minting token Lock Duration impact CloudX Minting rewards?

The Minting token Lock Duration choice significantly affects users' rewards. Opting for a 12-month lock results in 60% of the total rewards being disqualified, leaving only 40% of the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward. However, with a 24-month lock, no disqualification applies, allowing users to receive 100% of the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward.

What role do Price at Market (PTM) and Growth Level Price (GLP) play in CloudX Minting rewards calculation?

PTM and GLP are crucial factors influencing CloudX Minting rewards calculation. If PTM exceeds GLP, the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward is recalculated, adjusting rewards based on market conditions. If PTM is less than or equal to GLP, the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward remains unchanged, ensuring a fair and transparent reward system.

How can users calculate their actual CloudX Minting rewards in cLFI tokens?

To calculate final CloudX Minting rewards, users need to be aware of the disqualification system. If disqualified, the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward is adjusted. Users can use the formula: cLFI Rewards = Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward in tokens for each token loaded * Minting token. This formula helps users determine their daily earnings based on the number of tokens loaded and the chosen Minting Utility Token, providing clarity and transparency regarding their rewards within the CloudX Minting ecosystem.

How can I withdraw my CloudX Minting rewards, and how can I reinvest in the ecosystem?

You can withdraw 60% of your calculated rewards directly. The remaining 40% is reserved for rebuying Virtual Machine NFT Licenses, allowing you to reinvest in the CloudX Minting protocol and continue your participation in this innovative ecosystem. This rebuy ensures the growth and sustainability of your CloudX Minting experience.

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