LFi DEX Plus

LFi DEX Plus: Explore the advanced trading features offered by LFi DEX Plus, taking your trading experience to the next level with enhanced tools and capabilities.

LFi DEX Plus

L-DEX Plus is a product that is designed to provide decentralized tools to exchange and swap cryptocurrency in a private and confidential manner, while maintaining the privacy of the beneficiary and originator of your exchange.

Why LFi DEX Plus?

  • Fast and convenient exchange without any registration

  • Complete privacy for the originator and beneficiary of your swaps

  • Supporting over 200 cryptocurrencies and 13,000 trading pairs

  • No exchange limits

How to Use It LFi DEX Plus

  1. Select the currency: enter the details of the cryptocurrencies that you want to swap.

  2. Enter the destination address: your destination or recipient address is the wallet address where you would like to receive your funds.

  3. Accept the terms: by performing exchanges on LFi DEX Plus, you confirm that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this product and activities.

  4. Send to an address generated for you: complete your exchange by sending the amount you are interested in swapping to a new automatically generated deposit address that is just for you.

  5. Receive your coins: receive your requested cryptocurrency at your destination address in a few minutes.

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