NFT Metadata

NFT Metadata in CloudX Minting: Explore the endless possibilities of NFT metadata within CloudX Minting, a creative avenue to enhance the value of your digital assets.

NFT Metadata

Each NFT in our architecture is linked with specific metadata that defines its attributes:

  • Lifetime: Represents the NFT's validity duration, measured in days.

  • Boost Value: A numerical figure indicating the extra advantage or bonus the NFT offers its owner.

Generational Decline

A distinguishing feature of our NFT architecture is the gradual reduction in the tokens' intrinsic properties—specifically, their lifetime and boost value.

  • Lifetime Decline: Every NFT has an initial lifetime of 1080 days. This decreases by 7 days every two weeks, causing an overall decline.

  • Boost Value Decline: Starting at 7, the boost value diminishes by 0.1 every two weeks.

First-Generation NFT Promotion

Early adopters will benefit from a special promotion. The first-generation NFTs will have an enhanced boost value of 8, compared to the regular 7.

NFT Reward Calculation: Steps and Methodology

  1. cLFi Minting token Locking: Users must lock a designated amount of cLFi Minting token linked with their NFT to qualify for rewards.

    • Maximum cLFi Minting token: An NFT holder can load cLFi Minting token up to 2.1 the Eur value of their NFT, which equates to a maximum of 220 Eur for a 100 Eur NFT Licence.

    • cLFi Minting Token: cLFi Minting token should be in the form of cLFI tokens.

    • Lock Duration: Users can opt for either a 12-month or 24-month locking period.

    • Once locked, the system notes a value named the Base Lock Value (BLV), equivalent to the cLFI's Price at Market (PTM) at the time of cLFi Minting token locking.

  2. Daily Reward Calculation: The daily reward distribution is determined based on the NFT properties.

    • Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward in token for each token staked = Minting Coefficient (Boost Value) / Lifetime NFT

NFT Reward Qualification: Determining Disqualifications

  1. cLFi Minting token Lock Duration Analysis: The reward qualification varies based on the cLFi Minting token lock duration:

    • 12-Month Lock: 60% of the total rewards are disqualified, leaving only 40% of the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward amount.

    • 24-Month Lock: No disqualification applies, keeping 100% of the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward amount.

  2. Price at Market (PTM) and Growth Level Price (GLP) Evaluation:

    This step examines two essential price metrics: the current Price at Market (PTM) and the Growth Level Price (GLP). The relationship between these metrics informs the reward amount:

    • PTM > GLP:

      • When the PTM exceeds the GLP, the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward amount is recalculated using the formula:

        • New Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward amount = Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward amount * GLP/PTM

      • In this scenario, the formula calculates the disqualified amount based on the PTM's growth over the GLP.

    • PTM ≤ GLP:

      • If the PTM is less than or equal to the GLP, then the Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward amount remains unchanged, and the user progresses to the next step with this value.

  3. Adjustment Based on PTM and GLP Relationship:

    Upon comparing PTM and GLP:

    • PTM > GLP:

      • If the PTM exceeds GLP, the user advances to the subsequent step without any changes.

    • PTM ≤ GLP:

      • In cases where PTM is less than or equal to GLP:

        • The disqualification amount is computed as 1−PTM/GLP.

        • Depending on the resultant value, the amount of rewards to be disqualified is determined using the table below.

Disqualification Threshold (%)Disqualified Reward (%)






















  1. Determining Final Reward amount: The resulting amount is termed the Actual Daily Reward amount, revealing the real reward percentage for the user.

  2. Calculating cLFI Rewards: The formula is cLFI Rewards = Maximum Retrievable Daily Reward in token for each token staked * cLFi Minting Utility token.

  3. Withdrawal and Rebuy Allocation: The calculated rewards are divided as:

    • Withdrawable amount: Users can directly withdraw 60%.

    • Rebuy amount: 40% is reserved for rebuy of Virtual Machine NFT Licence.

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