vLFi Rewards

vLFi Rewards: Maximize your staking benefits with vLFi, understanding how to optimize your rewards and benefits within the LFi ecosystem.

vLFi Rewards

By vesting LFi, users receive vLFi with access to services and benefits from the ecosystem. Just holding vLFi users will receive vLFi rewards from the ecosystem, based on this formula:

vLFi block user rewards=total vLFi block rewardstotal vLFi supplyuser vLFi balancevLFi\ block\ user\ rewards = \frac{total\ vLFi\ block\ rewards}{total\ vLFi\ supply}*user\ vLFi\ balance

Total vLFi block rewards are calculated as:

total vLFi block rewards=Ecosystem Wallet41875720total\ vLFi\ block\ rewards = \frac{Ecosystem\ Wallet}{41875720}

The ecosystem wallet will start from an amount of 80.000.000 LFi and it will increase from the platform fees.


The estimated vLFi rewards for the first six months are as follows. These are projections based on our calculated estimations. APR is the ratio between the number of tokens released by the ecosystem in one month and the quantity of vLFi in circulation. The lower the quantity of vLFi in circulation, the higher the APR.

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