LFi Staking

LFi Staking: A reliable and secure method to earn rewards by supporting the network.

vLFi Token

LFi holders can use their LFi in the Vesting Protocol to receive vLFi. Vesting is the process of locking up a certain amount of the total tokens from circulation. vLFi is a non-tranferrable token. Once you own vLFi, you can earn vLFi Ecosystem rewards, receive benefits in the whole platform through the Ranking System and vote in L-DAO. For each LFi committed, one vLFi will be transferred into the user's wallet.


It will be possible to process the unvesting of vLFi token on the Unvesting page. Through a smart contract, you will get back LFi token. Based on the unvesting smart contract, LFi token will be released with linear distribution over a period of about 730 days on a block basis. The release follows the following formula:

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