LFi Vertical

LFi Vertical: From startup funding and NFT acceleration to student support and community outreach, we drive innovation and growth.

LFi Pre Seed Venture Fund: is a forward-thinking investment fund dedicated to supporting early-stage startups with high growth potential. With a focus on technology and innovation, it provides capital, mentorship, and resources to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses. LFi's mission is to foster innovation and drive economic growth through strategic investments in promising startups.

LFi Grants: is a pivotal initiative dedicated to empowering promising startups, fostering their growth on the LFi blockchain, and incentivizing cross-chain collaboration. Through our grants, we not only facilitate the development of projects within the LFi ecosystem but also encourage the creation of interconnected blockchain networks, allowing liquidity to flow seamlessly from other chains into LFi, ultimately driving innovation and expanding the reach of our ecosystem.

LFi Student Incubation Fellowship providing a unique opportunity for promising students to receive early-stage incubation support, shielding them from the pressures of early angel investor engagements. This program equips students with the skills to develop projects on the LFi platform while also imparting strategies to effectively promote LFi within their networks, ensuring they become adept builders and ambassadors for the LFi ecosystem.

LFi NFT Accelerator leverages the dynamic power of NFT communities, recognized for their engagement and vitality within blockchain networks. Our accelerator streamlines the process, making it effortless for brands to initiate and flourish in the NFT space. Beyond launch support, we facilitate seamless marketing across our extensive ecosystem, ensuring that these NFT communities thrive and maximize their potential reach.

LFi DevRel Program: To foster the global growth of our ecosystem, we recognize the importance of equipping developers worldwide with the skills to build on the LFi platform. Our DevRel programs serve as a cornerstone, educating developers globally on the intricacies of developing on our chain.

LFi Enterprise/Government Collaborations: Our journey to becoming a significant player in the blockchain space hinges on forging partnerships with enterprises and governments. The adoption seen by chains nearing mass acceptance is often attributed to their successful onboarding of these key stakeholders.

LFi Community Evangelist Program: Empowering individuals to become local evangelists for LFi is pivotal in grassroots awareness creation. These dedicated advocates not only expand our customer base but also serve as our ambassadors at events and seminars. By offering membership opportunities that grant public speaking and evangelism roles, we harness the passion of our community to amplify our reach and impact.

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