LFi White Paper

Internet of People (IOP)

Internet of People - IOP

Internet of People (IoP) is a decentralized technology infrastructure with an open social graph, consisting of interconnected peer-to-peer networks hosting people's profiles, reputation, and identity information. It can be regarded as an information space providing a direct access channel to people, where people's profiles are identified by a public key and interlinked by profile relationship links.
It is an open infrastructure, thus developers are free to innovate in a permission-less way. The Internet of People enables direct device-to-device communication and allows people-to-people and company-to-people interactions without going through silos. Devices pair with each other through the Internet and interact via IoP-connected applications.
Our IOP incorporates LFi tokens as a native cryptocurrency incentive and payment medium.
To participate in the IOP system the user needs to get LFi Hardware.