LFi White Paper

vLFi Token

vLFi Token

LFi holders can use their LFi in the Vesting Protocol to receive vLFi. Vesting is the process of locking up a certain amount of the total tokens from circulation. vLFi is a non-tranferrable token. Once you own vLFi, you can earn vLFi Ecosystem rewards, receive benefits in the whole platform through the Ranking System and vote in L-DAO. For each LFi committed, one vLFi will be transferred into the user wallet.

vLFi Use Cases

  1. 1.
    Rewards: Hold tokens to receive rewards from the ecosystem.
  2. 2.
    Ranking system: The higher the vLFI held, the higher the rank will be, guaranteeing wider allocations within the Launchpad, and to obtain fees discounts on ecosystem products.
  3. 3.
    Governance: The more tokens held, the higher the voting power.


It will be possible to process the unvesting of vLFi token on the Unvesting page. Through a smart contract, you will get back LFi token. Based on the unvesting smart contract, LFi token will release with linear distribution over a period of about 730 days on a block basis. The release follows the following formula:
LFi released each block=vLFi committed20937860LFi\ released\ each\ block = \frac{vLFi\ committed}{20937860}