LFi White Paper

LFi Ecosystem

LFi Ecosystem

LFi is a decentralized network that explores and engages in the future of wealth creation, through its own blockchain and DAO-driven ecosystem.
Getting started on the LFi platform only requires a supported cryptocurrency wallet. We do not require users to go through a KYC identity verification process.
Benefits of joining the LFi community:
  • Enter a rich market, with 8 billion volumes per day.
  • LFi will become a major DeFi project by end of 2024.
  • LFi will develop its own decentralized blockchain
  • Becoming an LFi Chain ​​validator.

LFi One

LFi One is a smartphone that is carefully designed to be capable of supporting an application that facilitates crypto token minting.
While people can opt to use LFi One as a regular smartphone, they can still take advantage of its minting app to earn rewards.
This distinctive feature differentiates the LFi One from other smartphones on the market. Traditional minting hardware tends to be bulky, requiring a dedicated space in your home. With the LFi One smartphone, you can conveniently carry this device in your pocket.

LFi Deck Presentation and Brochure

Download the deck presentation of the LFi project and its products.
⚙️ Deck upcoming.


LFi Ecosystem is powered by L-DAO, where the community members are the sole owner. DAO governance allows the ecosystem to operate according to the voting decisions of its users.

LFi Token

LFi is the ecosystem's native token. Once it is vested and becomes vLFi, it can be used to pay for the network's different services such as sending cryptocurrency, minting tokens, and more.
LFi and cLFi were listed on LYOTRADE exchange on April 12, 2023. You can buy, sell, and trade these tokens here:

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